Act without discrimination

 Ever noticed how the rain and sun both act without discrimination at anytime they don’t pick and chose when they shine or pour they just do

We as human beings can be exactly like that act without discrimination with love and compassion towards our fellow human beings its something we are all capable of within our DNA


Constant and concious effort

How do we truly attain the goals we set out to want to achieve I’ve learned and still learning it only comes through both concious and constant effort without them  any goal you want to achieve may not be as attainable as you expect


  • You need to know why you want to achieve this goal 
  • You need to be aware that life will no doubt play its part on the path towards it
  • You  need to ask yourself will it make me happy
  • You need to be aware failure is a part of the path 
  • You need to be aware that the path may be long 
  • You need to assert realistic goals and expectations on the path to these goals 
  • Reassess your strategy if something isn’t working
  • Don’t fear going two steps back in order to go a half step forward a step is a step


  • Put in the effort focus on the quality not quantity
  • If you find something that works stick with it as it adds to the constancy of consistency
  • Even if you can’t give %110 give the best you got anyways as it all adds up on that path
  • Don’t beat yourself up on the bad days know that your still putting it in

People often fear their goals as they look at it in super size views and instantly become intimidated by it, the way I’ve learned is to break the goal down into smaller goals micro goals so to speak and focus your energy on each of those micro goals creating a path behind you towards your goal.

The quiet

Ever just sat in a park and just listened and observed? Or just sat on your front porch or in today’s world just scrolled through social media news feeds reading articles and comments without actually contributing?

It’s amazing I’ve learned that when you start to quieten yourself and just observe, the more the world actually teaches you, whilst debating is a great source of learning so is utter silence to listen and absorb is a great educator.

It can teach you:

  1. Awareness
  2. Mindfulness of others
  3. Add value to your happiness
  4. Being present 
  5. Seeing truth

I have always been a big practitioner of people watching but truly didn’t realize the power of it until I silenced my mind and my mouth and just watched.

I now know when its best to contribute and when its best to pass over and keep going through life be it my own personal affairs or social media.

Peace love light 


Respect is better given or earned?

You often here the phrase coined “earned their  respect” or “I earned their respect” 

Seldomly do you hear “I gave my respect”  as quite often were accustomed with just receiving such things as respect rather than giving.

We often go to work putting all this work in in hope of earning the respect of our peers at work or we start doing something to earn the respect of people we barely know be it a gym or something.

How often do we do it to earn our respect for ourselves rather than the respect of others? Enter self respect and giving respect

We have Become a society of takers more and more as we evolve and have forgotten the simple act of unconditional giving and that relates back to respect as well as anything else in life.

And giving yourself and others respect without the expectation of earning respect in return is an empowering act for ourselves and will eventually lead you to be given not earned respect in return.

  1. Empower yourself
  2. Know your worth
  3. Give and the universe shall give in return.

Peace love light

Andy. P


As I scroll through the news feeds on Facebook I notice a trend and its that of

“Tarring with the same brush” mentality and its not just towards a particular religion but in general we stereotype people because of their behaviour and a misrepresentation of them by a minority. As the dalai lama once said 

Just like anyone we have our own story and our own minority that misrepresents us but that doesnt mean we tar the innocent with the same brush.

It saddens me when I see this happening as I was raised a Muslim and I know in my heart from my experiences they are as humane compassionate and loving as any other religion.

My Muslim name I was given at birth was

Eddi nur  with nur meaning

Meaning of Nur

Nur is a name for both boys and girls and means light (the opposite of darkness), radiant (something that gives off light on its own, such as a star), light (as in ‘ray of light’), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).
Now to most of my friends they see me as an Aussie born down under but for me its much more that Muslim culture is a part of me I know in my heart that Islam is not represented by terrorists.

As much as I want to vent my frustrations I will say though YOU CANNOT HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS TO ACCEPTANCE OR LOVING KINDESS

In essence you are double standarding yourself as you project that to the rest of the world 

10% doesn’t represent 100% 

Be true to yourselves and be true to the world as remember we all have our story and words can be powerfully damaging or powerfully energizing.

Peace love light

Andy. P