I wouldn’t be honest if I said this week has felt like an absolute circus of highs, lows, super highs and super lows, anxiety crept in and uncertainty.

Trying to survive the circus is the tough part as I’ve had alot thrown at me this week on multiple levels, I’ve questioned people in my life, asked myself what the fuck on many occasions and just plain out have gotten lost in life itself not to mention my daily routine which is a contributing factor to my personal growth has disappeared like a paycheck on bills.

I even asked someone close to me if they wanted to quit on me as I’m used to people quitting

Expect people to quit on you in life rather than stay with you as then you will be less disappointed in human nature

I honestly felt this week I’ve wanted to run and hide but I know if I did I wouldn’t grow and I needed to face life’s circus this week rather than cut and run

I have certainly learned a lot this week just a matter of figuring what and why and letting go of what isn’t, having realistic expectations of human nature and just not giving a fuck anymore.

When pursuing your goals and dreams life is going to throw weeks days and months at you and maybe even a year or two, we have to just find a way to keep going not listen to those who say you can’t but those who say you can.

My goal in life is to serve others through the power of speech, by becoming one of the greatest motivational speakers next to Eric thomas and Tony Robbins and this week is just a week where it will go down in history as a battle won not lost not drawn but won.


Letting go of the past

After a recent experience where someone raised my past and my reaction was a blow up on the end of a very anxious day.

I have spent the last couple of days processing this all, understanding why I reacted the way I did when my past was raised, why I went into defensive mode, why I imploded.

It has occurred to me

That I never had truly let go of my past, instead I carried it with me through my actions of focusing on trying not to make the mistakes of the past which inevitably lead me to unknowingly making the same mistakes until someone pointed it out, hence my defensive reaction to it, I never took ownership of my past and let it go to form a part of my journey

My Past is mine I made a lot of mistakes, I am not perfect and I accept I have made these mistakes, I have forgiven myself for these mistakes and It is not my problem if people choose to judge me on my past and not see for my present journey, I am not obliged to prove myself anyone that I have grown all I say is just watch me or walk away.

I will not be a prisoner of my own past, I will own it and grow.

“focus on the journey forget the destination” – Andrew Pickering

My purpose in life 

My purpose

The answers we search for.come to us at the most  unexpected  moments mine came whilst showering tonight I decided to embrace myself and give myself some positive affirmation and love it was then my purpose to life struck me like a lightening bolt of positivity and insight to which I felt I must share with the world


The first thing that comes to mind with the word self is us just us the person the soul the vessel thats what self is and this is a simple definition of the word self

a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

Though there seems to be a bit of a stigma attached with that word especially when put into the context of “self love” or “self compassion”

And as a result from that we often feel guilty about self loving or self compassion because we think its taking something away from others along with a fear of being judged for simply loving ourselves

And for that reason its considered a selfish act all because of the way we negatively perceive that definition



adjective:(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

There is I believe both a negative and positive selfish not just one but two and its all to do with our way of thinking anf tuning out to the voices of the world and its definitions and labels.


Is driven by 

  • The want to grow and heal
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Patience 
  • Value added to your life by the way in which you help others
  • Giving and taking from yourself and to others
  • Open mindedness 


is driven by

  • Greed 
  • Lack of compassion for others and yourself
  • Narrow mindedness
  • Constant attitude of entitlement 
  • Taking without giving

So never feel guilty if you want to give yourselves a bit of love and compassion as that is what helps you give the love and compassion to the world you wish to give.


Unmasking my fears 

Wow have had a wake up call in the last few days about my emotions and feelings and how I’ve managed them, in all honesty it wasn’t until someone pointed it out that all along I didn’t realise I was the one with the wall up without windows and doors.

For sometime I’ve been preaching to others about allowing windows and doors on their wall if they build one in life when really my preaching was simply a reflection of what I wasn’t doing.

I’ve really held back on certain emotions and expressing certain feelings out of fear of losing something or a part of me that I have grown in the last few months, when I reflect back on it in a way I have been pretty emotionless for someone who helps empower and motivate others to get through life.

Sometimes I’ve felt no emotion or feeling at all, I’m preaching love but not feeling it I’m giving love but not feeling it, a lot of the time I provide and receive great insight into this world along with trying to put a philosophical outlook on my experiences.

I’ve been masking my fear of  feeling or showing emotions behind a mask of wisdom, philosophy and insight, I feared to face them but rather suppressed them through helping others in hope it would go away.

I fear I will go back to an old state of anxiety and depression if I expressed my feelings and emotions I feared the hurt would send me spiralling downwards in a fit of self pitty and bashing on myself I don’t want to go back there I fear that place in my life I have come so far.

Breaking down of my emotions

So I had an experience yesterday due to a suppressed issue that I never truly dealt with the whole day by the end of it I was exhausted but it wasn’t a waste.

I sat down this morning and reflected on the experience my behaviors and wrote them down as my friend suggested.

I watched a short video on CBT(cognitive brain therapy) which sparked my interest so I decided to do a breakdown of each feeling i was experiencing and why.  

And below is what I was able to seee so far

It can be easier said than done but I am one for finding out the root cause to something and working from there so I applied it on myself.

Reflection is a powerful tool.

An insecurity

Today hasn’t been the best day internally, I had a part of me I surpressed believing I had dealt with it surface today.

Its caused me some major mental, emotional and logical imbalance, I’ve been in a three way tug o war with my heart head and gut, this is what happens when you don’t face things head on they eventually come around to bite you in the arse and it has I will say.


  • A part of me has wanted to crycry
  • A part of me has wanted to act out in anger
  • A part of me just wanted to escape the world (yep you heard it)
  • A part of me is hoping this would end quick it I just ride it out.

I still have a lot of healing to do so it seems and every experience brings something new to the surface that I have suppressed.

I had a fear of this insecurity taking over and controlling my way of thinking, I feared if I accepted it thats what would happen, I’ve spoken with the person that my insecurities are directed towards as a part of acknowledging it’s presence, this for me is a second part of the acknowledgement sharing with the world.

The answers won’t all come to me at once I know and as a friend put it, this won’t heal quickly as you would wish and I can’t fight it or ignore it as now it is present.