Be like the ocean be vast and varying in every way way possible

 Going to share with you  i recently learned about life and am growing into each day, I complained about not having deep connections but it was myself lacking the actual depth not life or the people.

Being multi dimensional in life is very important to building connections in life and strengthening them as well take a swimming pool for example its a static environment with the same depth and width everyday so imagine living in that same static environment same depth same width gets pretty boring huh? 

Now look at the ocean and its vastness with multitudes of depths, varying waves, creatures and degrees of temperature, if we lived life free flowing and as vast as the ocean imagine how much more fun and successful life would be for us? Just think about it the next time you complain about how bored you are with life.


Anticipation The Key To Controlling our Reactions?

What If we could anticipate another human beings behavior and control our reactions to it, knowing that if they react that way, we could provide the best response for us in order to remain calm, empathetic and understanding to both their situations and ours?

I was recently watching a Tony Robbins video when he brought up the topic of Anticipation and how it can be the key to both having a successful business and life as well, if we could anticipate our reactions to another persons say typical behavior we could work to improve our reactions.

Let’s take a quick look at the definition for  Anticipation

    • Definition of anticipation

      1a a prior action that takes into account or forestalls a later action 

      • hired more security guards in anticipation of a large crowd
      b the act of looking forward;


Some of the most typical behaviors in today’s world from my perspective are but not limited to Criticism and Judgement, they seem to stand out in today’s age of digital communication but still we even including myself don’t anticipate this as a key human behavior and we still end up responding to these actions in a very negative way.

Judgement and Criticism can be taken very personal by some of us especially if we are highly insecure and vulnerable people, criticism and usually come from those whom have a misunderstanding of you and rather than question you they turn to the most common reaction and that’s judgement and Criticism or sometimes but usually both at the same time.

In my spare time this morning I decided to put together a list of what I  deem things I would most anticipate out of humans I encounter then I thought about how I can control my reactions to them and put a method to the madness so to speak.

PEOPLE ARE GOING TO CRITICIZE YOU Question their Criticism ask them why they feel that way towards you or approach to life act in an empathetic manner, also know that some who criticise you will not know you personally so don’t take it too heart.
PEOPLE ARE GOING TO USE YOU Accept it’s a reflection of who they are and not you, don’t compromise yourself also act with a degree of empathy as you don’t know their story.
PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU If possible question their judgement of you to find out why they feel that way and if not accept it’s a reflection of them and not you be empathetic in both approaches as they may not understand you as you don’t them
PEOPLE WILL FEEL THREATENED BY YOU Don’t take it personal, know they have their reasons and it’s  pointless in getting upset at them.
YOU WILL FEEL LONELY AT TIMES Accept what is and just enjoy the time to yourself don’t try to force yourself into being pointlessly busy if so what something that’s fulfilling to pass the time
YOU WILL FAIL Accept its apart of the journey, learn from your failures and embrace them rather than neglect them.
YOU WILL FEEL FRUSTATED AT TIMES Find a way to vent them, confide in a close friend over your frustrations, don’t clutch onto them as they will boil over.

©Copyright Andrew Geoffrey Pickering 23/01/2018

This is just an excerpt of the full list I came up with during my session, the actual list is 2 pages long and more in depth, I’ m hoping I can take something from this and improve my personal growth in some way shape or form, hence I shared it with the world in hope it may help just one person.

Connections like the tides

As I sit here in the dark, looking out the window of my lounge room, asking myself why do I have this feeling, these feeling of loneliness and envy, the answer eludes me, I know its part of unfinished and un-handled business on my part also.

As I know that this is just an emotion, a feeling and a passing moment that wants to teach me something, an attempt to distract myself is met with mindless scrolling through the news-feed of my Facebook and Instagram accounts, why is this feeling still cropping up, I have become comfortable majority of the time with my own company, I guess deep down I am starving for that connection in a way as well, as connections come every day for most of us, just that connection with a spark is what ignites a fire in us, they seem to wither away like a candle in the wind so to speak or come with the highs and lows like the oceans tide.

I question life itself and these connections, are they too teaching me something, especially when you connect with someone on multiple levels and the energy levels spike, the enthusiasm spikes and then boom it falls, someone retreats like a shadow into the nights darkness, leaves you asking essentially what the hell, how can a connection just like that have the energy zapped out of it  so quickly, is it one fearing this is too good to be true? is it one unable to handle the energy and the connection as so much that they run in fear of what could be, that’s where life gets difficult for me, as I thrive on deeper connections, so deep one can get immersed or even lost in it and forget the world around them.

Connection for me isn’t a matter of two people conversing it’s a matter of forgetting the world exists in that very moment, essentially a bubble, an alternate universe and mirror of time and a reflection of that moment, time becomes irrelevant  and every word spoken comes with meaning, depth and clarity, my starvation for a deeper connection is like ones starvation for food after exercising without eating, I feel that also the universe is starving me to test me in a way, a game of patience and wits to see if I can hold on to eventually collide with that deep connection that doesn’t just spark and flame out but sparks, flames and grows.


I wouldn’t be honest if I said this week has felt like an absolute circus of highs, lows, super highs and super lows, anxiety crept in and uncertainty.

Trying to survive the circus is the tough part as I’ve had alot thrown at me this week on multiple levels, I’ve questioned people in my life, asked myself what the fuck on many occasions and just plain out have gotten lost in life itself not to mention my daily routine which is a contributing factor to my personal growth has disappeared like a paycheck on bills.

I even asked someone close to me if they wanted to quit on me as I’m used to people quitting

Expect people to quit on you in life rather than stay with you as then you will be less disappointed in human nature

I honestly felt this week I’ve wanted to run and hide but I know if I did I wouldn’t grow and I needed to face life’s circus this week rather than cut and run

I have certainly learned a lot this week just a matter of figuring what and why and letting go of what isn’t, having realistic expectations of human nature and just not giving a fuck anymore.

When pursuing your goals and dreams life is going to throw weeks days and months at you and maybe even a year or two, we have to just find a way to keep going not listen to those who say you can’t but those who say you can.

My goal in life is to serve others through the power of speech, by becoming one of the greatest motivational speakers next to Eric thomas and Tony Robbins and this week is just a week where it will go down in history as a battle won not lost not drawn but won.

Letting go of the past

After a recent experience where someone raised my past and my reaction was a blow up on the end of a very anxious day.

I have spent the last couple of days processing this all, understanding why I reacted the way I did when my past was raised, why I went into defensive mode, why I imploded.

It has occurred to me

That I never had truly let go of my past, instead I carried it with me through my actions of focusing on trying not to make the mistakes of the past which inevitably lead me to unknowingly making the same mistakes until someone pointed it out, hence my defensive reaction to it, I never took ownership of my past and let it go to form a part of my journey

My Past is mine I made a lot of mistakes, I am not perfect and I accept I have made these mistakes, I have forgiven myself for these mistakes and It is not my problem if people choose to judge me on my past and not see for my present journey, I am not obliged to prove myself anyone that I have grown all I say is just watch me or walk away.

I will not be a prisoner of my own past, I will own it and grow.

“focus on the journey forget the destination” – Andrew Pickering

My purpose in life 

My purpose

The answers we search for.come to us at the most  unexpected  moments mine came whilst showering tonight I decided to embrace myself and give myself some positive affirmation and love it was then my purpose to life struck me like a lightening bolt of positivity and insight to which I felt I must share with the world


The first thing that comes to mind with the word self is us just us the person the soul the vessel thats what self is and this is a simple definition of the word self

a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

Though there seems to be a bit of a stigma attached with that word especially when put into the context of “self love” or “self compassion”

And as a result from that we often feel guilty about self loving or self compassion because we think its taking something away from others along with a fear of being judged for simply loving ourselves

And for that reason its considered a selfish act all because of the way we negatively perceive that definition



adjective:(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

There is I believe both a negative and positive selfish not just one but two and its all to do with our way of thinking anf tuning out to the voices of the world and its definitions and labels.


Is driven by 

  • The want to grow and heal
  • Compassion for yourself and others
  • Patience 
  • Value added to your life by the way in which you help others
  • Giving and taking from yourself and to others
  • Open mindedness 


is driven by

  • Greed 
  • Lack of compassion for others and yourself
  • Narrow mindedness
  • Constant attitude of entitlement 
  • Taking without giving

So never feel guilty if you want to give yourselves a bit of love and compassion as that is what helps you give the love and compassion to the world you wish to give.