As I scroll through the news feeds on Facebook I notice a trend and its that of

“Tarring with the same brush” mentality and its not just towards a particular religion but in general we stereotype people because of their behaviour and a misrepresentation of them by a minority. As the dalai lama once said 

Just like anyone we have our own story and our own minority that misrepresents us but that doesnt mean we tar the innocent with the same brush.

It saddens me when I see this happening as I was raised a Muslim and I know in my heart from my experiences they are as humane compassionate and loving as any other religion.

My Muslim name I was given at birth was

Eddi nur  with nur meaning

Meaning of Nur

Nur is a name for both boys and girls and means light (the opposite of darkness), radiant (something that gives off light on its own, such as a star), light (as in ‘ray of light’), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

Now to most of my friends they see me as an Aussie born down under but for me its much more that Muslim culture is a part of me I know in my heart that Islam is not represented by terrorists.

As much as I want to vent my frustrations I will say though YOU CANNOT HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS TO ACCEPTANCE OR LOVING KINDESS

In essence you are double standarding yourself as you project that to the rest of the world 

10% doesn’t represent 100% 

Be true to yourselves and be true to the world as remember we all have our story and words can be powerfully damaging or powerfully energizing.

Peace love light

Andy. P

Self love 

Self love and me right now is a struggling concept, as I sit there and try to find out how to love myself it feels as if nothings there, feels like a vacant space, I know searching for it isn’t the way but I really want to love myself more than I do.

It feels like I have lost that part of me to date and its nowhere to be seen, it’s kinda scary to be honest as I sometimes feel like just tuning off and going to the comfort of the self despising negative attitude, as it seems easier to find and act out in feeling sorry for myself.

I honestly am feeling numb on this as I see others practicing self love I ask why can’t I why am I struggling why can’t I see the value in myself that others do, sometimes its like an empty vessel floating through space lost in dark matter.

Trying to embrace this self love thing is a challenge and I feel I have been dealt with and overcame so many that I don’t know if I can take this one head on as I would love to.

Peace love and light



what is love honestly?

Besides a singular definition in a dictionary

Love is an action

Love is an emotion

Love is sadness

Love is warmth

Love is compassion

Love is beauty 

Love is passion

Love is romance

Love is pain

Love is a spontaneous undefined aspect of our lives, it gives us pain,happiness, anxiety and joy, it has no boundaries it goes beyond anything physical we ever experience and we can’t control who gives and receives it, when it happens or how we feel it.

We cannot define love as a singular but as an experience of the present a memory of the past and a glimpse of the future.

Peace love light ✌❤🌟

Andy. P

To love is to be free

To love and be loved is to live freely we shouldnt use love to put our hearts on pause waiting for the right one or someone to come back to you.

True love is setting that person free respecting their journey and your parting ways, your heart and soul deserve to give all the love and receive it without any conditions.

If you love something or someone please set them free and you will in turn set yourself free lessen the suffering you will have by holding onto hope this love of a person will come back to you.


uncage your heart ❤❤❤❤❤

Peace Love and light


Human being 

Why fear another?

Why be intimidated?

Why devalue yourself at another’s expense?

Why devalue another?

Why hurt another?

Why chase another?

Why discriminate against another?

Why lie to another?

Why be racist?

All of these things don’t need to happen when we open our eyes and realise we are all just human beings same blood same heart same brain same bone matter  we need to start doing 

More love,compassion, understanding and forgiveness and letting go 👌

Peace Love and light

Andy. P

Dating the great big job interview

I’ve been in and out of the dating scene for a good three years i never really opened my eyes to what was actually happening until mid last year when I was on a few facebook singles pages, it’s evolved from simply making friends and having a good time to where we are sizing up a potential candidate to date or future relationship it’s almost like we’ve turned dating into a warped form of job interviewing.

Where dating and singles apps or sites or the so called job seeker page and your CV or resume is your profile, which allows one to pick it apart and pass judgement based on the informs to you put and your profile photo, if your lucky enough to pass that stage then your onto the conversation the inboxing exchange of messages back and forth like the first stage of a job interview assessing worthiness for stage 2.

If your lucky enough to make it to stage 2 the face to face interview aka the date, your angst ridden, anxiety ridden, butterflies or even the throw up in the toilet to shake the nerves because were questioning whether we are deserved of this persons time were already questioning our own self worthiness.

The date doesn’t really flow to much umming and ahhhing spinning around in your head and out come the job interview style questioning of your life your intentions your future goals kids or no kids and so on like their ticking the imaginary boxes off in their mind.

We’ve turned dating into such a tragic thing of life it’s meant to be fun we’re meant to enjoy the moments not riddle them with a job interview format, next time your lining a potential Mr or Mrs right up ask yourself do you tick your own boxes that you expect them to tick for you? Or are you just simply filling a void in hope they are the right man or woman for the “job”

Peace love light Andy P