I truly do admire anyone in a leadership position in today’s modern world, be it politics or be it in a work force as quite often your usually stuck between two crowds of people that are wanting things done for them, usually no matter what you do either side is going to be displeased.

It’s the biggest rock and hard place as I’ve learned from my experiences in the last 13 years as a supervisor or leader, as everyone looks to you in a time of indecision to make that crucial decision and they have the expectations that it will benefit them and when it doesn’t your somewhat seen as the bad guy.

It’s easy to pull apart someone’s decision when your not in their shoes, it’s easy to criticize a decision when you haven’t made it and quite often rather than let our leader explain their decision we’ve already made our decision on what we think about theirs rather than leave our minds open to understanding why.

I don’t think it matters what level of leadership you sit at it’s a hard job and takes some mental toughness, I believe to make life changing or situation effecting decisions which may impact many a person.

 We as society need to start being more open minded and compassionate with understanding rather than critically expectational of our leaders in life otherwise we cannot become leaders our own body and mind.

Peace love and light 



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