Trusting your abilities

What an Interesting week at work I really learned and believed something about my abilities as a worker and a human being and was what I would deem a defining moment for me.

I’m going to start with where it all began  this week, Tuesday evening shift at work I was given a replacement staff member due to my regular one being off sick it was unexpected but none the less I went with it, it was what ensued in that shift just a few hours of my day where we got unexpectedly run off our feet for 4 out of 5 hours, being the cool calm collected person I usually am I got through it thinking nothing of any issues.


I opened my work email to find a chain of emails from my manager about all these mistakes that had been made the night before during that few hours of madness, as I did I simply explained that we had a reflief staffer and it was unexpectedly busy, mistakes are inevitable regardless of size or nature, there was an exchange of emails between myself and this person and I, in the end I found myself upset and infuriated with his response towards my suggestions.

I went home from work that Wednesday night still fuming still with all these upset thoughts running around in my head, I will admit I let it consume me somewhat into the next day where I decided it was best I took a day off due to my state of mind, it was a time for me to reflect on my journey in my line of work and life and I started to realise my own strengths and abilities.

To have endured what I have, to bring my department to where it is in 5 years to where it was through adversity made Me realise I am highly resourceful, persistent and outside the box thinker with resilience, once I realised this it put things into perspective.


I went into work determined and undeterred about the events of two days ago and to my surprise a safety project which I had been investing my time into had come to fruition and was now finished, after talking to a few other members from other departments my confidence in my abilities couldn’t be more solidified its spiked my confidence aswell.

When someone tells you something great or good about yourself listen to it as they see something in you that you don’t and use reflection as a tool to grow as you will be surprised what you find out about you.

Peace Love Light



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